What Kind Of Wings Do You Have Quiz?

Written by Allanah Hunt

In almost every image of an angel, whether a cherub or an Archangel, they are depicted with wings. The size and shape of those wings says a lot about the personality of the angel, and colours the impression we have of them.

For example, a cherub has a cute round face and small perfectly formed wings and appears as a small child who is perfectly behaved. The most well known cherub is Cupid who hails from Ancient Greece and is the son of Eros and Aphrodite, the God and Goddess of love. Even today, Cupid, with his bow and arrow, is an instantly recognisable image of love.

Archangels have been symbols of guardianship, kindness, care and protection throughout many faiths and religions around the world. They are tall and strong with huge wings which can enfold us and keep us safe.

Although we don’t have the wings of angels attached to our backs, many people believe we have mythical wings which are a representation of our personality. This quiz is just a bit of fun, so don’t take it too seriously, but its a great way to learn more about you.

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  • Apparently I have CHERUB WINGS!
    You have the Wings of a Cherub! As a cherub you value innocence and purity, promoting strength and faith within those who desire it most. You are also a carrier of passion in the sincerest form of simplicity, making others realize that the smallest actions and rewards are those that contain the most meaning. To possess these Cherub Wings, you also convey a sense of child-like wonder; you appreciate the beauty and honesty in the world and try to see the good in everyone. You are a spirit lifter, making even the hardest obstacles easy to overcome with hope and positivity.