Mary’s Story – Part One

Written by Allanah Hunt

Mary had left her husband a year ago after he had an affair with a colleague at work. Three months later she met a fantastic new man.

David was attentive, loving, kind and funny. She loved being with him, and the sex was fabulous. There was just one problem. He didn’t seem to want to make a commitment to her. He said he never wanted to get married or live with anyone again. He wanted to maintain his independence even though he said he loved her.

Mary couldn’t get her head around this. She obsessed about what he was doing when they were apart. In her mind, if he truly loved her wouldn’t he want to be with her every day? Whilst Mary enjoyed their time together, she started to feel insecure about his feelings for her. She convinced herself this new man was playing around behind her back, just like her husband. As a result their relationship broke down and they stopped seeing each other. Mary later learned that David was heartbroken as he had truly loved her. He was in fact a wonderful man who had also been hurt in a previous relationship. He had decided as a result of his experience, he would never lose himself with a woman again and would maintain his independence at all costs.

For each of them, their past created their future and they lost the chance of something wonderful. What a terrible realisation to come to – to know things could have been so different if only each of them had taken the time to move beyond their fears.

About the author

Allanah Hunt

Allanah Hunt is an author and founder of Power And Freedom where she works to encourage people to reclaim their personal power and create a life of freedom and joy. Your past does not dictate your future unless you allow it to!

“It is only as you take responsibility for your life that you discover just how powerful you truly are” - Allanah Hunt

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