A Walk Along The Beach

I remember the first time I tried meditation. I was struggling with managing my thoughts and whilst I wanted to quiet my mind, sitting and focusing on nothing but music and my breath was very difficult. With no outside distraction my mind had a field day, flitting from first one thought then another. In fact there was so much going on that it seemed easier to just watch TV or read a book to distract me. The problem with distraction is that it’s temporary. As soon as the stimulus ends, you are back with the same problem that you looked to meditation to help you with.

I am a creative person so I’ve always had thoughts and ideas swirling around my mind, but when I was under immense stress I had no space between my thoughts to relax and recharge. Now, years later, meditation has retrained my mind. I have improved focus and concentration and am able to manage my emotions as the space between a thought and the previously instant emotion that follows gives me a chance to choose my responses.

If I can encourage you to persevere, you may achieve the same long-term benefits as I did. This 24 minute guided meditation taking a walk along the beach will help you calm your mind and rest your body.